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Hi Ho Bud Inducted into Montana State Softball Hall of Fame July 22,2023

Crane Klemencic/Twi-Lite Drive-In/KMON
Inducted into Montana Softball Hall of Fame.
It is not too often that you can celebrate slow pitch softball “the way it used to be played.” That is what happened when the
Crane Klemencic/Twi-Lite/KMON men’s slow pitch team was inducted into the Montana Softball Hall of Fame.
The Great Falls team captured four state championships in five years in the Open Division. In 1964, they won their first title,
then lost out to a Miles City team in 1965 for the state championship. They came roaring back the next three
years: 1966, 1967 and 1968. The team traveled to Parma, Ohio in 1966 to play in the Open Slow Pitch World Softball Tournament.
They won their first game over Oklahoma State 20-5, but then fell 7-4 and 10-9. The team represented Montana well and five days
later the winning pitcher was back for his wedding. They made their mark on the sport.
Congratulations and may the “glorydays” be remembered!

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